About me….

વિવેક યુ. જોશી
સી.આર.સી. કો. ઓર્ડીનેટર – છાયા પ્લોટ
તા. પોરબંદર જિ. પોરબંદર…..

CRC Blog- www.chhayaplotcrc.wordpress.com



98 thoughts on “About me….

  1. manoj vyas

    પ્રા.શિ.નિ/ગ-4/2015 તા-24/02/2015 નો ઠરાવ જોવે છે આપની પાસે હોય તો પ્લિજ સેન્ડ કરો
    my whatsapp no is 9558756902

  2. Ramesh Khanpara

    Uchatar primary school na teacher ne principal no charge n ave te babat no GR or priptra hoy to makalo. 2 Uchatar na teacher ni bharati no mul GR mokalo

  3. Vimal

    Dear sir
    I was confirmed in service Dec 2015 but till the time CPF AND PRANKIT FORM not submitted.
    Two time rejected and from dec2017 new form and no one can know about it kindly help me

  4. Uttamkumar solanki

    what is rule for jila ferbadli for maths science teacher and at what time form will be filled and at what time its listing will come for 2018-19,
    also if we want to transfer at Vadodara location is it pssible or not

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